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EayOK Hosting Services provides you with high-speed, affordable web hosting on our CPanel 8 control panel for Features are listed below.
We offer 2 hosting space plans: Hosting Plans & Details. CPanel Hosting includes:

bullet ASP(for Apache, Linux)
bullet Shared SSL** (use our secure domain coming soon)
bullet SMTP Access
bullet Mailing Lists
bullet Web Mail
bullet SPAM Assassin
bullet Editable MX Records
bullet Client Controlled Backup
bullet Client Controlled Sub Domains
bullet Multiple FTP User Accounts
bullet RAW Access Logs
bullet CRON Jobs
bullet MIME Types
bullet APACHE Handlers
bullet CGI Scripting in Perl & C
bullet Over 1139 Installed Modules
bullet Forum/BBS
bullet Chat room
bullet Shopping Cart
bullet ASP for Linux *
bullet Server Side Includes
bullet Password Protected Directories
bullet Customized Error Pages
bullet Sever Side PGP Encryption
bullet File Manager
bullet HotLink Protection
bullet Graphical Web Site Statistics
bullet Whois & Trace route Utility
bullet Search Engine Submission
bullet State Of The Art Data Center
bullet Daily Data Backups
bullet Multiple High Capacity Connections

*ASP support is provided by Apache::ASP (perl syntax only).

Click to view CPanel Features.
 Hosting is provided to USA residence who are at least 18 years old. You must register with
EayOK Hosting Services before you send any payment to our merchant.

Click All the Hosting Features. Change your DNS to our Nameservers.

cPanel Plans are on: Hosting Plans & Details

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We offer support for the setup of your website in online documentation, online email and email. See Facts for Support. More options are listed below.

Additional Options

EayOK Hosting Services consists of 2 Control Panels to choose from:
1)  CPanel CP, here on EayOK Hosting Services (Hosting Plans & Details)
2)  CPanel CP on EayOK Hosting & More
Each of the control panels are on separate websites and separate servers. All our servers are 99.9% to 99.99% uptime no matter which EayOK hosting you choose. To go there, just click the underlined links below.
Hosting Services | Hosting & More | It's EayOK Hosting | Software Site with E-Mail & Hosting

We realize that choosing a service is a difficult task. You have to consider every aspect of the hosting provider... control panel features, space, bandwidth, price, uptime, reliability, etc.

Need to decide which hosting service is for you? EayOK Hosting Services offers the Leading cPanel Control Panel for controlling your own domain.
Quote from
"cPanel is a hosting automation company driven by technology and dedicated to providing the most feature rich, easy to use, practical applications. We are committed to the hosting community and our continued role as a market leader."

   Information and control panel demo:
bullet CPanel Tutorial (UNIX) or
     cPanel Demo [] [user: cpdemo] [pass: cpdemo]
bullet H-Sphere (UNIX) from Positive Software Corporation

** We do not offer Ensim and Hosting Controller Contol Panels. They are presented above for information purposes only.

Choose a Control Panel for your EayOK Hosting!
More about choosing controls panels on CPanel, Plesk, Control Panels.

Read about our other Hosting Plans
bullet Plesk CP hosting on EayOK Hosting & More
bullet CPanel CP hosting on It's EayOK Hosting Services
Access to Members Only
EayOK Members Only is a members exclusive. ALL Hosting Subscribers receive FREE ACCESS to thousands of files in EayOK Members Only! Non Hosting Subscribers pay $50 1st year and $20 thereafter.
Resellers also get free access. Reseller clients get a "Special Offer" to join
Reseller clients can purchase access to "Members Only" for $10.95 per year. Reseller emails us their client's contact info along with payment and we email you the login info for that client.
All directories and files are organized for your easy access....
"Members Only" includes so many featured topics of information! These sources are invaluable! Bought separately would cost a small fortune. Hosting members receive FREE access.

For Businesses and Individuals wanting to start a Business
This is a Free and Valuable Service for our Hosting Subscribers

bullet Wholesale Directory, As-Seen-On-TV
bullet Ideas for a website business and/or selling at online auctions
bullet we provide links, addresses and phone numbers of wholesale suppliers.
bullet How To and Reports with Reprint Rights
bullet Instructions and/or general info from writing an Ad to writing a press release.
bullet Examples of businesses
bullet Instructions for setting up a home business
bullet Legal Forms, Legal Letters
bullet Numerous Legal Documents you might use.
bullet Learn Sign Language
bullet Alphabet and Numerical pictures of hand/finger signs
bullet Mamma Sandy Recipes
bullet Ethnic and Favorites generation collection
bullet View and print the recipes
bullet Media Directory (Newspapers, Radio & TV Stations)!
bullet No need to purchase someone else's directory. Here, you will find all the media contact info with links to their sites. You can place your own Ads.
bullet US and International Newspapers
bullet US and International Newspapers
bullet US Radio & TV Stations
bullet Other Useful Information
bullet Health - herbs, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, contaminants, lyme disease, skin cancer, etc.
bullet Produce - See all the vegetables that we should be eating.
bullet Free and low cost classified Ad sources.
bullet Country Abbreviation Codes
bullet All about the Cable Descrambler/Cable Box.
bullet Stop internet intruders from attacking your PC.
bullet etc.
bullet More subjects will be added or you can make a suggestion.

Whether you subscribe to our hosting plans for free access or you don't subscribe and pay for your access, please note that we have to set you up first before you can access Members Only. The time involved depends on the requests for access. It could be between 1 day to 4 days.

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